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Broggini provides a broad range of professional and management consulting services to support international clients in cross border operations and in international expansion plans.


1. Strategy & Marketing

  • • Market Assessment “They have developed a complete and detailed analysis allowing us to understand that with our current products, the American market is not attractive to us”. General Director – Italian Household electronics producer
  • • Matchmaking Useful and practical service to companies get in touch with qualified and selected international partners.
  • • Import Analysis A professional service aiming to assess the competitive level of imported products and services in a foreign targeted market.
  • • Green field investments “Broggini’s support was essential to speed up operations, minimize obstacles and put us in contact with local operators and public entities”. President – Italian engineering industrial company.
  • • Local sales agent Our commercial agency facilitates the promotion & sales of imported products of international clients in countries we do business.


2. Merges & Acquisitions

  • • Acquisitions “The sale of our Brazilian chemical industry to an English leading group was managed and successfully finalized by Broggini in a very professional way”. Owner – Brazilian Chemical Industry.
  • • Fiscal due diligence “Broggini’s excellent work allowed us to understand the risks involved in a potential acquisition of a Brazilian firm”. Owner – Italian electronic products firm.
  • • Commercial due diligence A commercial due diligence facilitates the comprehension of the strategic market position and growth perspective of an acquisition’s target.


3. Head Hunting

  • • Headhunting “For most of our international commercial branches, we ask Broggini for its support in searching local country managers”. Commercial Director and Partner – Italian Machines tool producer.
  • • Part time sales manager “Very useful to be able to capitalize Broggini’s direct market presence and its local business contacts”. Owner–Swiss pharmaceutical firm.


4. Legal and Administrative services

  • • Company’s incorporation and management A complete legal and accounting service available for foreign investors in Brazil, Colombia and the US, including the role of local attorney and legal administrator.