Legal, fiscal & Administrative services

Opening and Managing Legal Entities

We establish legal entities and provide administration and accounting services. We also offer legal domiciliation and independent operating rooms, to allow our clients to focus on their business. Our legal services include the preparation, translation, and registration of the Power of Attorney and of the Articles of Association, as well as the opening of the company’s bank account and its registration at the local Central Bank.

Branch Assessment

The service objective is to improve the efficiency of the foreign branch by optimizing the branch structure and the internal and external sales organization. Depending on the requirements of the client we usually focus on the following departments: commercial, administration, fiscal, legal and foreign trade. We implement the action plan agreed upon with our client.

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) is a strategic market analysis of a target company subject to a possible acquisition or joint venture operation. The main objective is to assess the market position and market perception of a targeted company and to analyze the risks and attractiveness of a possible M&A or JV operation.

Fiscal Due Diligence

A Fiscal Due Diligence (FDD) consists of a fiscal and tax analysis of a targeted company subject to interest of an acquisition or a joint venture operation. It increases the quality of the decision-making process and reduces potential risks involved in the transaction. Through an FDD, Broggni assesses the target company by detecting and quantifying critical elements and indicating feasible solutions.

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