Market strategy & Marketing services

Import Analysis

The process of importation can be costly and time-consuming depending on the import system used. Broggini simplifies this process by developing import/export operation strategies by liaising with qualified professionals who have extensive experience in foreign trade. Requests to obtain fiscal benefits in Brazil such as the “Ex-Tarifário” (a tax reduction on imported capital goods) and others are also handled by Broggini on behalf of our international clients.

Temporary Export Manager

Broggini’s service denominated “Temporary Export Manager” or TEM, consists of identifying new clients and/or dealers in international markets for our global clients. One of our bilingual professionals based in our offices will be made available to promote your company and your product lines through:

-Mapping potential new clients and/or dealers
-Developing market intelligence
-Supporting the negotiation process and import operations
-Keeping the client updated regularly through written reports and conference calls.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is a tool used to guarantee solidity and consistency in the decision-making process of business set-up in foreign markets. A Broggini market analysis aims to provide an understanding of market attractiveness and a suitable entry strategy. We have developed market studies in numerous countries worldwide, interacting directly with leading players including independent industry experts, trendsetters, main market competitors, leading distributors, and key clients.


The purpose of an acquisition is to expedite the entry process into foreign markets thus, it requires an accurate pre-assessment as well as professional local support. From the investor’s perspective, the primary reasons to implement this entry strategy are to: build upon the target company’s sales and distribution organization, optimize the production processes and gain the competitor’s market share.


Matchmaking is a fundamental tool for business expansion in overseas markets. Broggini capitalizes on its market and consulting experience to identify and select the most suitable business partner(s), final clients, distributors, buyers, commercial and/or industrial partners, and private investors.

Greenfield Investment

Broggini offers professional support on structuring and developing industrial business plans in foreign markets, assisting clients with services including the search for industrial land, negotiating with local authorities on fiscal and non-fiscal benefits, and searching for local suppliers and local professionals.

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