The Booming Brazilian Medtech Market for Swiss SME’s

The Booming Brazilian Medtech Market for Swiss SME’s

We are really glad to be able to assist Swiss Business Hub in this very special project!

“Already combining a Medical Devices Market of USD 5.3bn and an eHealth Market of USD 580mn as of 2020, the Brazilian Medtech market, the largest in Latin America, is still expected to grow and is highly dependent on imports. It is also known as challenging to navigate.

However, concrete Governmental measures have been introduced to modernize and integrate the local healthcare system at a fast pace: regulatory, legal and tax initiatives offer a unique opportunity to foreign Medtech providers. This is the right time for Swiss technology to exploit the business potential in Brazil.

In order to bridge the gap between Brazil and Switzerland in the sector, the Swiss Business Hub Brazil published a guide, which, in depth, details the sector’s situation, the recent developments, initiatives and trends, and highlights the opportunities for Swiss companies. It also outlines the regulatory framework.

To do so, the Swiss Business Hub Brazil conducted an extensive research and engaged with highly-experienced experts from the sector, Broggini Partners, DOMO Salute, MANDALA International and ELEMAR LOGÍSTICA, SUPORTE E SOLUÇÕES.” – Swiss Business Hub Brazil

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